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QAR 1.50
Packing 250 GM
Product Summary:-

    Product Type: Capsicum
    Origin: Qatar

Detailed Information:-

    Chilli are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants
    It gives a terrific spicy taste to your food. It belongs to the pepper family and brings its pungent flavour that makes the recipes interesting.
    Adding this chilli to your recipes give them a slightly spicy favour that makes your food delectable.
    These chillies are perfect for frying and adding them to the side of fried food items.
    You can use this chilli in a variety of other ways, be it chopped, julienne, fried, mashed, powdered or puree.
    The chilli releases its flavours to any preparation. The chilli is also an essential ingredient in a variety of recipes from global cuisine that give the food their signature appeal that is loved by all.

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Unit Of Measure(UOM)250 GM