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Similac Gain Plus Intelli-Pro 400gm

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SIMILAC GAIN PLUS INTELLI-PRO is for children from 1 year onwards. Great tasting and scientifically designed to fit your childs growth needs during this important stage of development. Formulated with changing nutritional needs in mind as your child grows.


Contains distinguised vegetable fat blend without Palm Olein oil.
Provides clinically proven and nutritional important ingredients to support tolerance.
Contains Eye-Q ingredients, a distinguished combination of nutrients including AA, DHA, Omega-3 & 6, Taurine, Choline and Iron.
Contains Intelli-Pro, a distinguished combination of the important nutrients DHA & Lutein.
Nucleotide - group of important organic molecules.
Contains Vitamin D and higher levels of Calcium, with more Protein to support increased Protein needs at this age.
Contains 10 key brain nutrients to support faster learning.
With Prebiotics for functional fiber food.
Probiotics for culture of good bacteria.

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