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Short Description:-

    Product Type - Fitness Accessories
    Product Brand - Teloon
    Product Model - HY-009-11
    Size: 96Cm

Product Description:-

    - Foam Padded - Durable plastic core which is covered with soft EVA Foam with moulded inner ridges. Comfortable for the user, easy to clean and resists bacteria and moisture from penetrating the surface.
    - Easy Assembly - It is easy to assemble. Comes in 8 sections which click together. Adjustable for children so you can use 7 sections to make it smaller.
    - Core Muscle Strength - Basic hula hooping can burn up to 200+ calories within a 30 minute workout routine. A weighted hula hoop strengthens inner core muscles of the body to improve posture and reduce risk of back problems.
    - Trims your Waistline - Helps develop mobility of the spine and hips, helping to ensure the joints remain flexible. Extremely effective at losing weight around the stomach / abdomen area.

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