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Packing 250 GM
Product Summary:-

    Product Type: Beef

Detailed Information:-

    Beef patties are a combination of beef mince, egg and bread crumbs which you can add any flavourings, spices or fresh herbs to depending on what accompaniments you want to serve with them.
    Beef patties are made from ground beef commonly known as mince. It comes in varying degrees such as prime or premium depending on the fat content.
    The beef mince takes on a myriad of flavours and once the mince mixture is shaped into patties they can be cooked and used in hamburgers, wraps or eaten with salad or veges and your favourite dipping sauce on the side.
    Nutritional Benefits
    - Good source of Protein
    - Good source of vitamin B12
    - Good source of Zinc
    - Source of Iron
    - Low Sodium

More Information
Unit Of Measure(UOM)250 GM